WGA premie aftrekbaar

WGA premie aftrekbaar

WGA premie aftrekbaar. Iedereen bij wie de werkgever (een gedeelte van) de WGA-premie op het netto loon heeft ingehouden, kan de WGA premie aftrekken. 

Kijkt u op uw loonstrook of dit het geval is.

De WGA-premie moet worden betaald voor "werkhervatting gedeeltelijk arbeidsongeschikte mensen". De schattingen lopen op tot 4 miljoen mensen bij wie de premie is ingehouden. Maar de Rechtbank heeft in 2008 vastgesteld dat de premie aftrekbaar is. Als u de premie zelf moest betalen kunt u dit via negatief loon alsnog in uw aangifte opnemen. Er loopt nog wel een hoger beroep tegen de uitspraak van de Rechtbank.

Reacties van bezoekers


I am a 42 year old woman who is an avid reader. Tv hasnt had much on that could draw me in as I do not like rietaly tv.I was not a fan of lifetime until it brought us to Blood Ties. I thought wow, a network that will give us something other than rietaly shows/game shows or yet another take on law and order. Dont get me wrong, Im all about the mystery, suspense. But one night a week I looked forward to that plus fantasy. Blood Ties allowed me to shut off the rietaly and simple crawl into a world that normally I could only read in novels. Thank you Tanya for allowing me to share in your world via your books and then Blood Ties. I looked forward each week to your blogs after each episode and reading the comments of other fans. Lifetime has been very short sighted on the diamond in the rough they have in their hands.As to your actions I support you completely. I will not be down loading the episodes from the internet. I will wait patiently for the show to come out on DVD so I can have a complete commercial free copy of this fantastic show. I live in Northern lower Michigan in the country so high speed internet is not affordably available. Yes I could go to my local library and down load it but I wont. These episodes are not currently in production they are complete. If they want us to watch their network they should pull their heads out of their nether regions and show them on tv. I still have high hopes that once the strike is over they will show the final two episodes on tv. But from what Ive read thus far and by Lifetimes lack of action I dont see them giving us the last two episodes or a real second/third season. I have my DVR set to record Bloodties should they choose to show it but I no longer have a reason to watch their network. It really has become the new rerun channel. I guess I will have to wait for the Tudors on showtime to have a little fantasy in my tv life.Thanks again Tanya, your a wonderful roll model for up and coming writers! (ethics, ethics, ethics)


A friend of mine and I were cthiatng about Vampire novels- I was telling him about St. Germain andwell, he just wouldn't shut up about how wonderful this detective Vicky was and how Henry was just a brilliant take on the whole bastard son turns vampire thing etc etc. We stayed up all night talking about your books. A week later- we're both home, me in California, him in Viriginia, and I get a package with your first three Vicky novels in it. Suffice to say dinner was take out that night for me and the spousal unit. Thankfully my local favorite bookstore had just gotten in the fourth in the series. No one was harmed and six days later I couldn't wait for the next one to be published. I love your characters and how they've grown up and changed and branched out over the last... 15 years? Bloodties was a huge win for you and for your fans. I was shocked that it was on Lifetime, and like other small time networks, they too are just losers who got lucky for one season. Now how cool are the Tony novels? *Very* cool. And I can't wait for the next one either! Thanks. I'm 54 as of last week and you make reading scifi worthwhile. http://ukrthy.com [url=http://gajqkftw.com]gajqkftw[/url] [link=http://bxldnse.com]bxldnse[/link]